About the Coordinator

Michelle Prats has a way of making dreams become a reality.

First to build the dream, you have to fully understand it and the only way you do this is by listening. She honed this skill as a manger in one of the toughest businesses, the restaurant industry, where if you don’t make the customer happy, there won’t be any customers.

Her mantra of giving the customer their dream is the most critical aspect to being an event planner. Michelle has the innate ability to listen to the client, share their vision, and weave it into reality. Therefore their wedding is ultimately an expression of the couple, not a cookie cutter version so many in the industry offer because it “worked before.”

As a former bank manager, she is no stranger to finance. Anyone can plan a party, but it takes a qualified event planner to do that within a realistic predetermined budget. Of course, keeping to the budget ultimately takes the stress off the couple.

She also successfully ran her own business for six years selling PartyLite, a line of decorative home furnishings. This entailed using her eye for design to provide the ambiance necessary to entice customers.

Michelle prides herself on getting the job done, while making each couple feel catered to by focusing her full attention on them and the goal.

“I want what the couple wants and nothing less is good enough.”

Michelle shares her busy schedule with husband Mike, daughter Avry and son, Braden. They enjoy going to movies, dancing, dining and hanging out with family and friends and then having them all over for their enviable parties, of course!